Circular 2022

Date Circular Download
02.01.2023 Pongal Celebrations 2023 Download
02.01.2023 Pongal Holidays Download
02.01.2023 FIRST YEAR TRANSPORT FEE Download
31.12.2022 New Year Wishes Download
27.12.2022 Revised Reopening date for B.Tech 2022-23 Download
27.12.2022 Revised Vacation 2022-23 Download
16.12.2022 Registration of last date of fees payment Download
13.12.2022 Office Order: Hostel Warden New Download
13.12.2022 Principal Vacation Download
12.12.2022 New BME HOD Download
09.12.2022 Cyclone Mandous Download
08.12.2022 Cyclone Mandous: 9th & 10th December 2022 Online Instructional Day Download
07.12.2022 MCA first year exam fees 2022-23 Download
07.12.2022 M.Tech & MBA Exam fees 2022-23 Download
07.12.2022 Lateral Entry Exam Fees 2022-23 Download
07.12.2022 B.Tech FYE Exam Fees 2022-23 Download
06.12.2022 Karthigai Deepam Download
05.12.2022 Intimation of payment terms 2022-23 Download
01.12.2022 Muslim students Friday Prayers Download
30.11.2022 Reopening date 2022-23 (Even Sem) Download
30.11.2022 S&H NET and SLET Download
30.11.2022 Online Election Voter Registration Camp Download
30.11.2022 MBA T&P Download
28.11.2022 PU Examination Fees Charges Download
23.11.2022 Principal Incharge Download
23.11.2022 IQAC Committee Download
17.11.2022 Principal Incharge Download
09.11.022 Office order: New Hostel Warden Download
09.11.2022 Principa Incharge Download
09.11.2022 Special Remedial Class Download
03.11.2022 College will Remain closed Download
03.11.2022 Due to heavy rain online instructional day Download
26.10.2022 Migration from bcet to rgcet Download
26.10.2022 5th Saturday and Liberation day Download
19.10.2022 Payment of pending fee dues Download
19.10.2022 Student Dress Code Download
19.10.2022 Deepavali Holidays Download
17.10.2022 Office order: ONDUTY from RGCET to BCET Download
12.10.2022 Office order: ONDUTY from RGCET to BCET Download
12.10.2022 Principal incharge Download
07.10.2022 FYE Reopening Date Download
06.10.2022 Office order: IQAC Coordinator Download
06.10.2022 Womens Grievance Redressal Committee Download
06.10.2022 PG CLASS REOPENING DATE Download
06.10.20222 DAC committee Download
01.10.2022 Transport Fee last date Download
01.10.2022 Admin Pooja Celebration Download
28.09.2022 Online Instructional day Download
28.09.2022 First Saturday and Ayudha pooja Download
26.09.2022 Staff id card and dress code Download
26.09.2022 ONLINE Instructional day Download
26.09.2022 Dept and class room change Download
20.09.2022 Branch change Download
14.09.2022 Office order: MECH HOD IC Download
14.09.2022 Office order: MBA HOD Download
14.09.2022 Office order: Visiting Professor Download
14.09.2022 Principal incharge Download
09.09.2022 SC & ST scholarship students Download
09.09.2022 Inplant and Internship Training Download
09.09.2022 B.Tech II year Reopening Rescheduled Download
30.08.2022 FYE working day Download
26.08.2022 Holiday Download
29.07.2022 PG T&P FEES Download
29.07.2022 FYE Reopening Date Download
29.07.2022 2022-23 Reopening Date Download
28.07.2022 Bus fees Download
27.07.2022 Office Order: CS &ACS Download
27.07.2022 Vacation 2021-22 Download
27.07.2022 First year Tuition fees Download
21.07.2022 Bus Pass charges 22-23 Download
15.07.2022 Principal incharge Download
15.07.2022 Naniarmandapam Car Festival Download
13.07.2022 Biometric Attendance Download
09.07.2022 B.Tech Pondicherry University Exam Fees Download
09.07.2022 MCA Pondicherry University Exam Fees Download
09.07.2022 MBA Pondicherry University Exam Fees Download
09.07.2022 M.Tech Pondicherry University Exam Fees Download
05.07.2022 Principal Incharge Download
20.06.2022 Anti-Narcotic Cell Download
09.06.2022 No dues Certificate IV YEAR Download
30.05.2022 Principal incharge Download
28.05.2022 Remedial class Coordinator Download
24.05.2022 Non instructional day & Placement drive Download
24.05.2022 Temporary Classroom Arrangements Download
14.05.2022 Principal incharge Download
14.05.2022 Student group insurance last date Download
11.05.2022 Revised FYE Vacation slot Download
11.05.2022 FYE non instructional day Download
11.05.2022 FYE College Reopen (2nd sem) Download
11.05.2022 Online class for mech iv year Download
02.05.2022 Principal incharge Download
02.05.2022 FYE Vacation-2 Download
02.05.2022 T&P Amount (2022-23) Download
02.05.2022 Ban of Mobile Phones Download
02.05.2022 Revised Food Committee Download
29.04.2022 Fifth Saturday Download
27.04.2022 Principal incharge Download
25.04.2022 FYE Non Instructional day Download
22.04.2022 Principal Incharge Download
22.04.2022 Group Insurance for Employees Download
16.04.2022 Principal incharge Download
14.04.2022 Swayam Portal Registered_updated Download
14.04.2022 Internship Traning Download
10.04.2022 Principal incharge reschedule Download
02.03.2022 First Saturday Download
01.04.2022 First Saturday Download
31.03.2022 Aca Calendar M.Tech 2021-22 Download
31.03.2022 Aca Cal MCA 2021-22 Download
29.03.2022 AY calendar 2021-22 (Even sem) Download
29.03.2022 Transfered Staff Members Download
25.03.2022 Fourth Saturday Download
18.03.2022 Third Saturday Download
14.03.2022 Vacation ODD SEM 2021-22 Download
02.03.2022 First Saturday Download
01.03.2022 Food Committee Download
25.02.2022 Fourth Saturday Download
22.02.2022 Non-instructional day & Model Examination Download
21.02.2022 Principal Incharge Download
15.02.2022 Masi Magam festival Download
09.02.2022 B.Tech first year students - University Examination fees Download
04.02.2022 Principal Incharge Download
01.02.2022 Reopen : Regular classes for B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA & MBA students Download
04.01.2022 B.Tech. II, III & IV year students are requested to register for Examination Nov-2021 Download
04.01.2022 MCA II year students are requested to register for Examination Nov-2021 Download
04.01.2022 M.Tech. II year students are requested to register for Examination Nov-2021 Download
04.01.2022 MBA II year students are requested to register for Examination Nov-2021 Download
04.01.2022 Academic classes will be conducted in online mode Download
04.01.2022 Academic classes will be conducted in online mode (For Staffs) Download
05.01.2022 Principal Incharge Download
07.01.2022 college will operate in regular offline mode Download
10.01.2022 Pongal Celebration will be held on 12.01.2022 (Wednesday) at 2.45 p.m Download

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